We are after the simple body care products which are affordable and very effective.That's what BEEO is all about! Here you will find all the necessary products for body care. We use only natural ingredients or naturally-derived ingredients. No aggressive, synthetic or controversial ingredients!
Anastasia Vaskevich
founder of BEEO
BEEO(www.beeo.su) - is an international online shop for body care products. We ship BEEO products worldwide. While BEEO is located in the small village in Southern part of Russia in Krasnodar krai owned by a russian former farm girl.
All products are handmade with high quality ingredients. Our priority aspiration is the quality of the product and the effectiveness. We provide video instructions about each item and why it is much better to use simple products for body care.
We offer very reasonable prices for high quality products for every day body care routine.
How BEEO was created?
When I graduated from post secondary school and was rejected from universities. I came back to my family in a small village. I was taking care of goats and helping my family with bees. When I made my first goat milk soap with honey the BEEO idea came to my mind! I realized that the products we use for body care should not be made of harsh synthetic ingredients and have a long ingredient list to be effective. That how the name of the company was born. Because it all started with honey and milk with bees and goats. And it is all natural that why it sounds like "BIO'!

Anastasia, founder of BEEO